A photo of Cherrelle Slaney, period and menstrual cycle educator.

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Here’s where you’ll find the real talk on all things periods, products, PMS and menstrual cycle.
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Find out which menstrual cycle season you’re in right now, and get the answers to why you feel the way you do.
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I’m a small-town Norfolk woman who learned how to turn her menstrual experience from hellish, to heavenly. I enjoy walks on the beach and sipping hot tea (well, I am British after all). I’m here to show you that life as someone who menstruates does not need to be a pain in the uterus after all.
On the blog you can expect the real talk surrounding periods, PMS and all things menstrual cycle. I teach people who menstruate how to live in harmony with the natural ebbs and flows of the menstrual cycle so that they can live a less stressed, more energised life.