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Are you sick and tired of feeling completely wiped out on your period? Your menstrual cycle has become more of an annoyance than a welcome friend. And, you dread your period coming around month after month because it makes you feel like can’t function.



You want to be able to live a life that doesn’t fill you with dread every few weeks. You want to be on your period and feel confident and content. Ultimately, you’d quite like to find a way to make friends with Aunt Flo.

If you’re ready to make peace with your period and create a more  mellow menstrual experience, this course is for you!

the secret to a better period

Joy is an online, self paced course to teach you my tried and true secret to having a better period.

  • Understanding Your Period

    Your period can have you feeling all kinds of crazy emotions. It's like a rollercoaster ride you didn't ask to get on. This course will teach you how to enjoy the ride of being someone who menstruates.

  • Making Things Easier

    I teach you my biggest mindset shift for having a better period, as well as things you can do to take the stress out of bleeding. It doesn't have to always feel hard - there is an easier way!

  • meeting your needs

    You will come to understand how your needs differ through your period than at any other time. With this understanding you can put a strategy in place to actually start enjoying your period. Yes - it is possible!

  • Jam-Packed With Value

    I am giving you everything you need to start your journey to a better period. You are getting SO MUCH value in this course which (includes over £20 worth of freebies).

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Are you ready to leave behind the idea that your period serves only to cause you an inconvenience, and step into a life when your period is like your best pal?

extra, extra!

If the thought of life with a better period wasn’t enough – you also get these awesome bonuses when you sign up.

  • Cycle Tracking Journal

    A beautifully designed, functional cycle tracking journal to get you on your way to period bliss. Usually £8.00 on it's own, but yours FREE with this course bundle.

  • Go With Your Flow eBook

    The guide to navigating the emotional ups and downs of your period. This eBook is a must read for anyone who menstruates! Usually £14.00 (and worth every penny!) - but FREE for you when you buy this course.

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Don’t love the course? No worries – just contact me within 14 days for a no questions asked refund.