go with your flow

the secret to menstrual magic without the overwhelm

is this you?

You’re fed up with unpredictable mood swings. Period fatigue is dragging you down. And your emotional outbursts have you feeling like there’s something wrong with you.


You want to kick emotional PMS to the curb. You’re craving more balance in your life. And you want to have a better relationship with your period.

If you’ve ever been made to feel like you’re hormonal and crazy, I urge you to read this book!

in the book...

The Go With Your Flow eBook is all about learning to live in sync with your cycle for a life with less stress, more balance and more joy. Once you read this book, your life will suddeny make much more sense.
  • The 4 Cycle Phases

    Learn how your physical, mental and emotional needs differ as you go through each phase of the cycle. (Spoiler alert: you're not crazy!)

  • Hormonal Changes

    Get to grips with the hormonal changes happening in your body for a greater understanding of why you feel different from one week to the next.

  • Tips & Tricks

    I lay out some handy tips and tricks to guide you through making the best of each phase of your cycle - yes, even your period.


The "Go With Your Flow" Ebook is sooo good! I finally felt like things made sense! Thank you!


I’ve learnt so much about my cycle, and mostly about the importance of rest.


Learned so much about how my cycle affects my productivity from Cherrelle. She’s brilliant!

a better way

Learn exactly how your body works, what you can do to live in harmony with your hormones and start living the more balanced life you’ve been craving.


It’s time to let go of the notion that PMS week is just a part of life. Take back control of your emotions. And say goodbye to PMS rage for good.

Money Back Guarantee

Don’t love the eBook? No problem. Just contact me within 14 days of purchase for a refund. No questions asked.