Cherrelle Slaney, period and menstrual cycle educator sits on a bed with her chin rested on her hands.
hey there!
I’m Cherrelle;
I teach people with periods how to navigate the emotional ups and downs that come with menstrual life. Your moods, personality and emotional needs all change slightly as you move through the 4 phases of your cycle.
Take the cycle season quiz and find out which cycle season you’re in right now.
I’m Cherrelle Slaney | Blogger, Instagrammer & eBook author. It is my mission to prove to you that life as a menstruator does not have to be all doom and gloom.
I’m a wife, mother, lover, menstrual cycle nerd and drinker of tea.
Are you fed up with your unpredictable moods? If you want to live a life with a little less stress, a little more joy, and a lot more appreciation for your period, then you are in the right place. I’m giving you all the tools you need to work with your body, instead of always fighting against it. I’m here to show you that the menstrual cycle does not have to be a pain in the uterus after all.

go with your flow

The secret to menstrual magic without the overwhelm
✔️ build your life with less stress, less guilt and less frustration.

✔️ Optimise your cycle to allow for more rest while still getting shish done

✔️ learn to figure out your moods, enhance your behaviour and bring more joy into your life.
It’s true, there is so much more to your menstrual cycle than PMS and period problems. Your body works on a 28 day (ish) cycle. Each phase of your menstrual cycle presents it’s own unique opportunities. Learn to optimise them to feel less stressed, more productive and more in control of your life.
hey there pal!
I’m Cherrelle – a period and menstrual cycle coach. I have spent the last 5 years living my life in sync with my menstrual cycle. My mission is to show people with periods how they can get the most out of their life by living it in a way that aligns with their natural cycle. So tell me, are you ready to create a life with less stress and more joy?